Month: February 2019

Hands Off Investing with Robo Advisors

Part 2 in the 2 part series on investing is all about hands off investing with robo advisors. The two big players in the robo advisor field are Betterment in Wealthfront. Listen as Tony and Marc explore the world of robo advisors, compare and contrast Betterment vs Wealthfront, and talk about hidden fees, risk tolerance, and ETFs.


Investing for Beginners in 2019

In this episode Tony and Marc explain how to make money through passive financial investing schemes. This is part 1 of a 2 part series exploring stocks, bonds, and high yield savings accounts.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Building a PC in 2019

This episode walks you through Marc’s through process for build a custom PC from parts!


Traveling the World with an Ocean Sciences Degree

Nick Mathews of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences is our honored guest this week as we take a dive into the world of ocean sciences. As an Oceanographic Technical Services Manager, Nick is the technical lead of the R/V Atlantic Explorer. In this episode, we talk to Nick about his career path that enabled him to travel the world with his ocean sciences degree.