Month: September 2019

Climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan

Climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have when you travel to Japan. In fact, Mt. Fuji is actually an active volcano that last erupted in the early 16th century.

While you should probably summit Mt. Fuji during the climbing season between May and early September, you can actually climb year round. In this episode, Tony recounts his Mt. Fuji off-season climbing experience in late September and provides practical tips about how you can do the same including bus transportation options from Kyoto and Tokyo, lodging on the mountain, clothing, gear, and so much more.

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Backpacking Thailand

Thailand is a popular travel destination for backpackers and honeymooners alike. Popular for its cheap cost of living, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the southern islands and beaches are among the heaviest traveled areas of Thailand.

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Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. But for those aiming to see the world and volunteer at the same time – there is a way! In this episode, Tony and Marc are joined by Tony’s traveling companion, Talia. She talks about her experiences volunteering abroad, and how she was able to find those opportunities. They also discuss what are some of the pros of volunteering and what you should expect if you were to volunteer abroad.

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How to Port Your Phone Number to Google Voice

Have you ever wondered how to port your number over to Google Voice? Well look no futher because in this episode Tony tells you how to do it. He talks about what Google Voice is, the benefits of doing this, and walks you through the steps on how to do it.

Check to see if your phone number can be ported here.

Read the official Google Voice porting help document here.

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Blockchain Explained

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin — what’s the difference. In this episode, Tony and Marc discuss the technology behind the crypto craze that is blockchain.

After listening to this podcast episode, consider BLOCKCHAIN DEMYSTIFIED!

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