Month: October 2019

Traveling Around Japan on Less than $70 A Day

In this episode Tony talks about how he traveled around Japan – one of the most expensive countries in the world, on $70 a day! The two discuss what living accommodations you are going to have to stay in and also how to travel around Japan on a budget. Lastly, Tony talks about some free or cheap activities you can do to learn about the Japanese culture and see the country.

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Should You Buy a NAS in 2019?

We hear about THE CLOUD and for some of us, it’s unclear what actually that is. There’s Apple’s iCloud, Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. all of which are cloud storage options for your multimedia including photos and videos. However, this is not the only option for backing up your data.

Another option is to buy yourself a NAS, an acronym that stands for Network Attached Storage — essentially one or more hard drives in a server attached to the internet. While this option has a larger upfront cost, you will ultimately save on recurring monthly costs of online backup storage via the cloud.

In addition to discussing the pros and cons of cloud backups and NAS servers, we talk about free options for photo storage, how to backup large 4k video files, and why you should backup your data to begin with.

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Jet Lag: What Is It and How To Beat It

In this episode, Tony and Marc talk about the Jet Lag disorder. They discuss their own experiences dealing with this silent nuisance and what steps you can take to fight it off. Disclaimer: this is not medical advice but rather advice that works for Marc and Tony.

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How to Choose a Camera for YouTube

Want to start to VLOG on Youtube? Feel lost and don’t know where to start? Well in this episode, Marc and Tony discuss which cameras you can use to start a YouTube Channel. The two talk about some aspects to think about before buying a camera and also what resolution you should shoot at during filming. Lastly, the two discuss which device is best to shoot on for Youtube: cell phone cameras, DSLRs, or Mirrorless cameras. Also, a spoiler for next week’s exciting episode pops in during this episode so have a listen and find out what’s on the agenda for next week!

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