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Tony Florida

Show Host

I worked as a software engineer for 6 years of my life, most recently for a hedge fund in Baltimore.  I grew to hate sitting at my desk all day, so I quit my job.

Now I am on a mission to make it on my own. Part of that journey is starting this podcast with Marc.

Outside of the podcast, I have a YouTube channel where I just got done daily vlogging for 150 days. My goal with the channel now is to create highly polished videos to help people with a variety of technology and travel topics.

Marc Fink

Show Host

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology at Georgetown. I am interested in immune cell regulation and interactions within the gastrointestinal tract.  It’s whatever.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy watching movies, following the Boston Red Sox, and dreaming of playing linebacker for the New England Patriots.

I currently live in Baltimore with my wife. I know I said that I dream about playing for the Patriots, but after 10 years of living in Baltimore, I am secretly becoming a Ravens fan #donttelljess 

About Our Show

We both love talking about tech and travel. So when Tony wouldn’t shut up about starting his own podcast, Marc had the idea of doing a podcast together. We’re both graduates of Loyola University Maryland which is located at 4501 North Charles Street in Baltimore, and that’s where the name of the podcast derives its name from.

As you’ll find out by listening to the podcast, we both studied science degrees:  Biology for Marc, Computer Engineering for Tony.  I guess you can say that makes us a bit of nerds, but that’s okay because that’s what The 4501 Podcast is all about.

Our podcasting studio is located in Baltimore. We record on a variety of professional microphones and use Adobe Audition to edit the podcast.

After extensive research, we decided to host our podcast with Pinecast. Pinecast gives us the best balance of flexibility and cost while allowing our podcast to be distributed everywhere where podcasts are available.

On behalf of the entire 4501 Podcast team (which is just the two of us right now) we’d like to thank you for listening!  Make sure you subscribe so that our episodes are delivered right to your phone every Tuesday.

The 4501 Podcast studio in Baltimore

Join Thousands of Listeners Worldwide

Well, maybe not thousands, but we hope to get there one day.

It’s probably going to be a rough start since neither of us have experience podcasting, but stick with us and you won’t be disappointed.

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We do this for fun, but we’d greatly appreciate any support that you throw our way.