Podcast Episodes

Meet Marc and Tony

Our first official podcast episode is all about introductions.  We each briefly introduce ourselves and take you up to the time that we met at

#1 – Meet Marc and Tony

Tony’s vlog episode about Baltimore traffic court UV radiation website that Tony and Marc built as seniors at Loyola: http://uv4u.flooreeda.com Follow Tony on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/tonyflorida

How to Plan Your First Backpacking Trip

Why Do People Travel? There’s lots of reasons why people travel.  Some people travel for relaxation, some for business, some to visit family and friends.

#2 – How to Plan Your First Backpacking Trip

Avoid Hostelworld booking fees by booking your hostel direct. Learn more on Tony’s blog: https://tonyflorida.com/hostelworld-booking-fees/ Video demonstration from Tony’s vlog about how travel adapters and

Why Younger Generations Yearn to Travel

Tony and Marc discuss the reasons why younger generations, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, yearn to travel. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know

#3 – Why Younger Generations Yearn to Travel

Watch as Tony travels the world on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/tonyflorida Follow @the4501podcast on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Intro/Outro Music: Voyage by Ikson

The Life of a Biology PhD Student

Tony interviews Mac in the fourth episode of The 4501 Podcast about his life as a biology PhD student. Topics include Marc’s academic and professional

#4 – The Life of a Biology PhD Student

Stay up to date with Marc’s research on The Singer Lab website: http://www.stevensingerlab.org/ Any questions about PhD degrees, microbiology, or immunology feel free to reach

Monetizing Mobile Apps in 2019

In this episode, we interview our good friend Ian (also a Loyola University Maryland alumni) who has worked in the mobile advertising industry since graduating

#5 – Monetizing Mobile Apps in 2019

Check out Tony’s repertuar of apps on his website: http://www.flooreeda.com/repertuar.php States iVisited is one of Tony’s most popular apps. Check it out for iOS and