Our first official podcast episode is all about introductions.  We each briefly introduce ourselves and take you up to the time that we met at Loyola University Maryland. By the end of the episode, we have discussed our college life, bachelor years, and future plans to travel the world.

Tony Florida

Hometown: Tony is from the suburbs Reading, PA which happens to be the same city that Taylor Swift was born. In fact, Tony was born in the same hospital as Taylor Swift just 15 days later.

Undergrad Degree: Computer engineering

Marc Fink

Hometown: Marc is from the woods of Connecticut, about 1.5 hours north east of NYC.

Undergrad Degree: Started pre-med but switch to biology

Loyola University Maryland

Tony and Marc both swam on the swim team at Loyola. Go H2Ounds! They both started competitive swimming at a very young age and swam all the way up through high school and college.

Similarly, Tony and Marc both studied science degrees at Loyola.  As seniors in college, they participated in a competition and created a website about UV radiation called UV4U.  In addition to some educational material, the website also featured a UV susceptibility quiz. Huge disclaimer, the quiz is not scientifically backed, so that’s probably part of the reason that they didn’t win the competition.

Baltimore Bachelor Life

Tony and Marc lived off campus their senior year and graduated together in 2012. Following graduation, they moved into a 4 bedroom apartment in Canton neighborhood of Baltimore.

While Tony job hopped every few years writing software for a living, Marc relentlessly pursued his PhD degree.  Their career path post-college couldn’t be more different.

The Travel Bugs Strikes

Love of traveling is yet another commonality between Marc and Tony.  They had the opportunity to travel together on the swim team—Boston, Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale just to name a few. Outside of that, Tony and Marc have been to Las Vegas together for Marc’s bachelor party and they occasionally visit their friend who lives outside of NYC in Hoboken.

Tony got sick of the corporate world, and decided to take time off to travel.  At the time of this episode, he’s traveled to Italy, India, Bermuda, and Central Europe.

Marc and Tony are planning a trip to the Arabian Peninsula sometime in 2019, specifically UAE, Qatar, and Oman.  The trip is tentative, but if it pans out, it’ll definitely be discussed in at least a few future podcasts episodes.

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